How Word Counter Can Keep You Out of Trouble While Writing Unique Content

How Word Counter Can Keep You Out of Trouble While Writing Unique Content

Content creation may be one of the biggest challenges out there. It is not limited to great ideas and flawless grammar but also how you tactfully place it so that search engines are able to spot the quality in them. It has both a technical and creative aspect. It comes naturally to some people that they are creative and intellectual enough to create content without any external aid. On the other hand, some of us need assistance in researching and generating ideas.

That is completely alright. It varies from person to person. The technical side, however, does not come naturally. You must learn that all the paragraphs should be kept short in every blog post. You must make sure that your focus keyword only repeats a certain times in the blog post. You must make sure that you put subheadings in the blog post. There are various tools that you can use to make this process easier. Word counter tool is one of them. Here is what it is and how it works.

What is a word counter?

A word counter, as the term indicates, is a tool that counts the number of words in a document. It may be that the word count is updated as you type in the blog post or you when you are done typing and you want to know the word count, you can use the word counter tool to check the word count.

Word counter is one of the widely used tools in content creation today. Not only in SEO, is word counter used in other academic assignments and what not. However, not all people know the different benefits of it. Let us look into it later in the blog post.

Is the word counter same as character counter?

A lot of people tend to mix the terms word and character. It is important to know the difference between a character and a word. The hierarchy in English language goes from character, word, phrase, sentence, paragraph to essay. The term love is a word. The word love has 4 characters; l, o, v and e. True love is a phrase. It has two words. I want to find true love is a whole sentence.

When you add a bunch of sentences, it makes a paragraph. These paragraphs add up to make an essay. A general rule of thumb would be to note that the number of characters in an essay will always be more than the number of words. We are emphasizing on the difference because once you mix these two, it can cause a lot of trouble. You will be given a deadline for no. of words and you will think of it as number of characters. That is just a huge mess. Beware!

What can word counter be used for?

Word counter can be used for a number of reasons. As you continue to type, if you have your word counter on, you should be able to make sure that you stay in your word limit. Like mentioned above, you should limit every paragraph to 100 words in every blog post. A word counter will be able to help you there.

You can not only see the number of words you put in the paragraph but there is a psychological affect as well. As you continue to type, you know how many words you have more to go. You know how more or less words you need and so you start planning ahead. This avoids a lot of mess afterwards. This is the most obvious use of word counter.

How can word counter help in writing unique content?

Unique content has a lot of definitions. It may be used to refer to content that has never been shared on the web before. You can use the term unique to mean that no content has been plagiarized. This is a bare minimum definition to start with. You should try your best to come up with ideas that are not already on the web. This helps in bringing new and more traffic.

If someone opens 4 tabs in their Google search and they find the same thing in all the blog posts, there is no point in opening a 5 th tab. But if you have content that is transforming, you will automatically rank higher and people would want to keep revisiting your blog for its unique ideas. Word counter tool can help you out here.

If you are looking at a blog post you get inspired from and want to create a similar blog post for, word counter tool may be able to help you out here. You obviously want to make sure that there is no plagiarism. And for this, you will have to completely rewrite the whole thing. Don’t use any spinners or anything. And remember, this is not an encouragement to plagiarism.

We just want you to know how to get inspired from other blog posts and recreate them so that the original content creator does not mind it. Each blog post has a certain distribution of content.

The introduction has a certain number of words and so does the body and so on. If you redistribute this content, you may be able to recreate a blog post. It simply requires you to add or eliminate information in the paragraph. Same goes for the body and conclusion.

If there is a blog post on weight loss and one of the points suggests that you should exercise, you can either research more on the exercising for weight loss to add more value to the point or eliminate some information. Word counter can be helpful in comparing the two texts that you have.

Where to get word counter tool?

You can get a word counter tool within minutes. You can either make a Google search or find a tool that you can install on your device or you can use a tool that is already available to you. If you use WordPress, you can use the tool at your bottom left. Same goes for Microsoft Word. If not, you can simply search ‘online word counter tool’ in Google. There will be tons.

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