Top 10 Career Options for Biology student after 12th

Top 10 Career Options for Biology student after 12th

There are various students who have a keen interest in the science stream and that too PCB- Physics Chemistry biology, so for all the aspirants of Medical stream, there is a lot career options after class12th for biology students not just MBBS but beyond it, there are many other scopes and job opportunities waiting for your right future. Just you need to find out your interest lingers in which of these ones.

The Top 10 Career options for Biology Students after class 12th with career goals and top best colleges. So, here are as mentioned:-

1 Botany: –

It is one of the core established branch of biology, yet great career options for class 12th In this field you will get to know about genetic formation of plants and different organism in their environment, this field involves the study of processes, structure and growth of plants.

The degree of Botany will provide you to work in landscape and industrial areas, or you can become researchers, environmental consultant. Some top Colleges for Botany are- St. Joseph’s College, Stella Maris College, etc.

 2 Zoology: –

It involves the study of animal kingdom. The work of zoologist is to analyze the processes, structure, growth, classification of animal kingdom. By zoology degree you can become a teacher/ professor, zoo curator, animal breeder, etc. Some top Colleges for Zoology includes St. Albert’s College, Christ University.

 3 Microbiology: –

It involves the study of Microscopic organism like bacteria, fungi, protozoa, virus, etc, The Microbiologist research investigate how difference microorganism creates in our lives. You can have a great career opportunities by this course you can work as a distilleries, lab technicians, etc. some top college regarding it are Punjab University, Osmania University, etc. 

4 Biochemistry: –

This branch of science with the chemical processes and substances occurs within the living organisms; this science is a mixture of biology and chemistry altogether. The career related to it is medical coder, healthcare scientist, etc and the colleges for it are The Oxford College of Science, etc.

 5 Environmental Science: –

This science deals with the subject of PCB that is physics, chemistry and biology components of the environment and their interactions and to investigate environmental causes like ozone layer depletion, etc. The career in it is to become environmental scientist like in industries such as for mines, water treatment plants, etc. The colleges for it Delhi University, etc.

 6 Genetics: –

This field involves the study of genes and their functions, heredity of living organisms and etc. Professionals in this field study genes problems, mutations, genes transmission, etc. The career opportunities from this field are immunologist, forensic DNA, etc. Colleges for this field are Guru Nanak Dev University, etc. 

7 Bioinformatics: –

This field includes the study of biology, computer and information technology. The career opportunities from this field are bio analyst or a medical coder and the colleges for these courses are Punjab University, etc.

 8 Physiology: –

This field includes the study of Bodily functions, activities and mechanism of living organism especially humans. The career opportunities from this field are biomedical scientist, Sports physiologist, etc. The colleges from these courses are University of Calcutta, etc.

 9 Marine Biology: –

This field studies the behaviour, interaction of marine organism with the environment. The career opportunities from this field are fishery, environment consultant, etc and the top colleges providing these courses are National Institute of Oceanography, etc.

 10 Biotechnology: –

This field involves the combination of biology and technology, it utilizes living organism such as microorganisms and their cells in the industrial process, the career opportunities from these courses are nutrition, marine biotechnology etc and the colleges providing this courses are Manipal University, etc.

So here are some best career options for biology students after class 12th. which will be really helpful for you. If you any query about this post please feel free the below commet box.

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