Top 15 SDET Interview Questions and Answers

Top 15 SDET Interview Questions and Answers

SDET or Software Development Engineer in Test or Software Design Engineer in test is a professional degree which is nowadays highly demanded by many running organization for the kind of role they have from Microsoft for not only participating in the development of application but can also test the developed software. Thus, here are some top 15 Questions and Answers of SDET interview shared by candidates respectively.

Q.1:  Explain briefly description of SDET on Test Procedure?

A.1:  It is a hybrid automated tester for testing itself. In SDET, a test procedure is a detailed document which provides relevant data or information for the execution of test cases.

Q.2: Difference between Software Development Engineer/SDET in test and Manual Software Tester/MST?

A.2: The difference between Software Development Engineer in test and Manual Software Tester is that SDET can take active part in automation of test where MST does not involve themselves in such kind of activities.

Q.3: Define ad hoc testing?

A.3: Adhoc testing is an informal method of testing; it is a type of a random test without any planning or document and any expected result.

Q.4: Differentiate between Priority and severity?

A.4: Priority includes the importance of how the bug is to be get fixed whereas, in case of severity it states how much damage the bug is to the system.

Q.5: What is SDET roles and responsibility?

A.5:  There are various roles and responsibility of SDET like:-

  1. SDET needs to communicate with their clients.
  2. They work independently and setup a framework and do manage the test automation all by themselves.
  3. They need to perform and make a setup framework on platform like phone and web independently.
  4. Most importantly SDET task is do their job of tester as well as developer in test automation.

Q.6: What is the major difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

A.6:  The major difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control is that QA, is a systematic planned body in the process of quality monitoring and it produces qualitative applications and software whereas, in case of QC, is related to the quality of product, it won’t seek any defect nor it will suggest and improvement in it.

Q.7:  What is a typical working day of a SDET?

A.7: SDET is basically occupied with day to day tasks and gives its input and design to various sectors in the field of development like Finance, Entertainment, Gaming, Hospitality, Advertising, IT, etc.

Q.8: Define objectives of preparing the test plan?

A.8: The keywords for preparing the test plans are its requirement, the roles and deadlines.

Q.9:  Explain Expertise of SDET’s?

A.9: SDET’s are mostly expert in assessing the testing of software as to resolve the risk of business, and they are expert in the quality of software so as to provide assurance of it in a business.

Q.10: how can text box be test without any functional background?

A.10: The text box can be easily tested without any background functionality as by the format of text, the special and min/ max. characters present in it and the size of the field texted.

Q.11:  What do you mean by Configuration Management?

A.11: The management Configuration required controlling, coordinating and tracking of problems, Designs, codes, Documentation, etc.

Q.12:  Define Test Script?

A.12: The test script means the instruction for a specific test, which is automatically carried out.

Q.13: What do you understand by Test Plan?

A.13: The test Plan includes document which gives detailed description about-



Testing activities


It involves in the process of testing tasks and features to be task tested.

Q.14: Explain Code Inspection?

A.14: Code Inspection is related to program logic questions which are asked in programming to review their code source and analyze it. It rectifies errors and helps in coding standards verifications.

Q.15:  Briefly describe the test cases categories of SDET’s?

A.15:  In SDET, there are various test categories as describe below-

  1. Database test cases
  2. Security test cases
  3. Integration test cases
  4. Performance test cases
  5. Etc

Thus, here are Top 15 SDET Interview questions and answers which are relevant to you. These questions are commonly asking candidate if you follow above questions and answers so you would be definitely crack interview round.

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