Top 20 QlikView Interview Questions and Answers

Top 20 QlikView Interview Questions Answers

If you are thinking how to prepare for the interview of QlikView? Don’t worry, Here are some relevant scenario based interview questions and answers. The Top 20 QlikView Interview Questions Answers for experienced are as mentioned below-

Q.1-   Mention the chart we use in QlikView Admin?

ANS- It includes:

  1. Scatter chart
  2. Grid chart
  3. Line chart
  4. Bar chart
  5. Combo chart

Q.2- What do you mean by Trellis chart in QlikView?

ANS- Trellis chart in QlikView means on the first dimension we create array of chart based. The Bitmap chart is also prepared in Trellis display.

Q.3- Define the set analysis in QlikView?

ANS- The set analysis in QlikView is usually the set of groups aggregated in year.

Q.4- Define pivot table in QlikView?

ANS- The pivot table in QlikView is a cross table, and is a beneficial feature which is better at the time of grouping.

Q.5- Which graph is used for two years difference sale in QlikView?

ANS- Bar Graph is used for two years difference sale in QlikView.

Q.6- Define Straight Table in QlikView?

ANS- Straight Table in QlikView is not good for grouping purpose but unlike Pivot table, this table is much better at the time of sorting.

Q.7- Bar Graph in QlikView, how many dimension can we use?

ANS- We can use two Dimensions in QlikView.

Q.8- Define in QlikView, Which object has only expression and no dimension?

ANS- Gauge chart and List box object in QlikView we have expression and no dimension.

Q.9- Briefly explains the layers in QlikView?

ANS- The layers are set on the properties of sheet object layout in QlikView, where normal, top, bottom are respective to its number like -1, 0, 1, etc.

Q.10- What do you understand by Dimensions in QlikView?

ANS- Dimensions allow all the data examines from various perspectives in QlikView.

Q.11- Define Star Schema in QlikView?

ANS- Star Schema is the simplest form of dimensional model in QlikView. Its data is prearranged into facts.

Q.12- Define Snowflake Schema in QlikView?

ANS- Snowflake Schema is different from Star Schema in QlikView; it is used to improve the presentation of particular queries.

Q.13- What do you mean by internal match function in QlikView?

ANS- Internal match in QlikView is used to generate different sizes data bucket.

Q.14- Briefly define container in QlikView?

ANS- A container in QlikView is an object which keeps multiple charts, and even it can keep many charts in the same box.

Q.15- Briefly explains joins and its types in QlikView?

ANS- Joins in QlikView is described as converting data; it is used to convert given data which is known as Data merging. The types of joins are:

  1. Inner Join
  2. Left Join
  3. Right Join
  4. Etc

Q.16- Define Modifiers in QlikView?

ANS- Modifiers in QlikView usually deals with the field name like sum ({$< Region=>} Sales), which means return the current se4lection sales but the selection in “Region” is removed.

Q.17- What is difference between keep and joins in QlikView?

ANS- Keep and Joins does the same functions in QlikView but in keep there are two tables created but in Joins only one table is created.

Q.18- What do you mean by Synthetic Key in QlikView?

ANS- Synthetic key in QlikView is the key in which there are two or more tables, which consist of more than one common column.

Q.19- What is the difference between the set and let option in QlikView?

ANS- The main difference in the set and let option in QlikView is Set is assign for the variables without the expression assessed whereas, in Let, it is assign the variables with the expression.

Q.20- What do you understand by the term Mapping Load in QlikView?

ANS- Mapping Load in QlikView is used to create the mapping table which helps in replacing the field names and its value.

Here are as mentioned experienced based QlikView Interview Questions and Answers. By all about quetions you can crack all interview rounds easily.

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